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Amazing educational experience
Personally, I have been to 3 (JrNYLC, JrNYLC Alumni Boston, NYLF: Law and CSI) Envision programs and they have all be wonderful. I learned so much and made many new friends. They boosted my confidence and I am very thankful for that. If your child or someone you know has the chance to go to one, they definitely should.

Annabelle Harris – See JrNYLC Review

Envision JrNYLC
Absolutely amazing opportunity.  My son made some fantastic friends with similar interests and goals. They have stayed in touch and continue to motivate and support each other on opposite sides of the country. I've never heard him laugh as much as when he "tries" to tell his stories.  I think the staff is amazing and go out of their way to ensure all scholars have a rewarding experience.

Mairéad Moreno – See JrNYLC Review

So glad my daughter went on this trip
So glad my daughter went on this trip.  I was nervous to spend the money, but it was worth EVERY penny.  She learned so much about being a leader!  She met some people she still stays in contact with. Envision is thorough and very organized!  I highly recommend.

Robin Thrush – See JrNYLC Review

This program was expensive but worth…
This program was expensive but worth every sacrifice we made to get there. I’m praying there is a way to keep my child attending and bless another child as well.

Raena Graham – See JrNYLC Review

What a wonderful experience for our youth!
Our daughter had a wonderful experience with Envision this past summer.  She is so looking forward to returning possibly next year.  The skills she learned in all aspects of the program will help her in her future endeavors! Thanks Envision for the opportunity to attend the conference this year.

Debbie Marsh – See JrNYLC Review

Amazing experience for our future leaders
Amazing experience for my son at the JrNYLC. He came out more outgoing, confident and sure of himself. He made friends in that short week that he still texts and talks to a month later. He had nothing bad to say about any of it. For parents who think they can't afford it dig into scholarships and grants and fundraising on their site. That is one thing I did not take advantage of and wish I did. Well worth the money to hear my son talking about if he were president or a leader how he would change things!!! I felt very comfortable that he was safe and I usually worry. Get the text updates too. Can't say enough good.

Dawn – See JrNYLC Review

Incredible Experience
Prior to my Envision experience at JrNYLC in Washington DC, I was not fond of cities and had never been that far away from home without family.  My time with Envision was so exciting that I didn't even think of calling home! I wish we could have had a couple more days to continue the experience. Aside from the extremely hot weather while I was there, this will be a positive experience I never forget. I made life long memories and was able to make friends from all other parts of the United States.

Wyatt Griffin – See JrNYLC Review

My son had an excellent time with the Envision program. It was a once in a lifetime experience. He will forever remember his time spent in Washington D.C.

Pualani – See JrNYLC Review

This was a life changing experience for…
This was a life changing experience for my child. This jump started her leadership abilities and opened her up to endless possibilities.

Malani Terry – See JrNYLC Review

Envision provided a fantastic…
Envision provided a fantastic experience for my 12 year old son. He gained confidence in himself and made many friendships, and he loved visiting the various sites in the Washington, DC area as well.

Kort Crandall – See JrNYLC Review

Envision was such a positive experience…
Envision was such a positive experience for our son in developing leadership skills. The staff put safety first and acted in a professional manner. I highly recommend Envision.

Corbyn Auker – See JrNYLC Review

First week away from home and it was amazing!
The experience was amazing in the way of forming new friendships with people you never thought you would have met and the things you learn are important and exciting there and they make the learning experience very fun ! My personal favorite advisor was Rashad who made everything a learning adventure. Definitely recommend it! Angelena (age 12)

Angelena Del Carpio – See JrNYLC Review

Great Program!
My 6th-grade daughter had a wonderful experience, she used the word "enlightened" frequently when telling us about her day to day experiences.  She met so many new friends from all over the US and they still keep in touch.   Already talking about a 2018 reunion.

Christene Scott – See JrNYLC Review

It was a great experience!
It was a great opportunity and experience for my daughter.  It helped her become more confident and less nervous with the out of the ordinary routine. Envision did a great job with the program, activities, and notifications. Thank you!

Sandra Trevino – See  JrNYLC Review

My daughter had a wonderful experience…
My daughter had a wonderful experience she learned so much! Annabelle said it was the best week of her life.

Annabelle McKnight – See JrNYLC Review

My son had the time of his life
My son had the time of his life. He was well cared for, had an awesome counselor, met some great kids, learned a lot about leadership, and saw many memorable places in DC. Thank you for wonderful experience.

Pamela Kane – See JrNYLC Review

Our child had a wonderful experience!
Our child had a wonderful experience at Envision. He really learned a lot and he made some great friends from all over the United States.  This was a very good program.  We would tell anyone that if they get the chance to experience this program they go.  Our child loved it so much he wanted to stay another week. Thank you Envision for this wonderful experience.

Justin Felipe-Sahoye – See JrNYLC Review

Our experience was 100% positive
Our experience was 100% positive. All of our questions (and we had a lot!) were answered courteously and competently, and most importantly, our son had a truly life-changing experience.

Joshua Lanzotti – See JrNYLC Review

My daughter had an amazing time at the JrNYLC. Envision provides a combination of written activities with hands on experience and field trips to provide a rich experience. My daughter came away with a better understanding of leadership and a wider more diverse world view. I am very impressed with this program.

Miakoda Brien – See JrNYLC Review

One of the most amazing weeks of my life
I learned a lot about leadership and my country’s history during my stay at Washington, D.C., and I definitely feel self-reliance that I have never felt before. Other students around me, even the shy, timid, and soft-spoken students, developed their confidence to communicate their feelings more effectively without fear. The skills students attained and cultivated, will certainly lead them to become key leaders in their communities. I, beyond any doubt, believe that the JrNYLC was where I enjoyed one of the most amazing weeks of my life.

Teen Ink Review – See JrNYLC Review